We’re Adding a Family Member!

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And no…it’s not a dog! We’re adding a (human) family member to the Davis family in June!

This is the first actual blog post I’ve done since finding out I’m pregnant and I’m well aware I’m six months in and a huge slacker! So let me do a quick update on the recent events of Baby Davis

On October 5, 2015, I got the most exciting news. A positive pregnancy test! I quickly called Greg screaming with excitement and crying..all at once.


If you’re wondering, yes this was absolutely a planned pregnancy. Many of you know last summer I suffered from an ectopic pregnancy, and if you didn’t know, now you do. So with two rounds of Clomid (medication to make you ovulate) and two rounds of IUI, our miracle baby implanted! Also, many people get IUI and IVF mixed up. We did not do IVF which is In Vitro Fertilization…a more lengthy and complicated process (not to mention highly expensive). IUI is artificial insemination, using a catheter, which gives the little guys less travel time to my difficult womb Had our second round of IUI not worked, we would have moved on to IVF. Good thing Baby Davis proved our doctor wrong!



Let me add, the emotional stress I had of losing a child carried over into this pregnancy. There wasn’t a week that went by that I didn’t worry and think of all the possible horrific scenarios.



The end of the first trimester. I counted down the days until I reached that 13-14th week mark. Out of the danger zone! First trimester was pretty smooth sailing for me. And I am EXTREMELY thankful and lucky for it. I had NO morning sickness, nothing. Only sore boobs. There were a few times I thought I might not even be pregnant because of my lack of symptoms! Scratch that…I had severe headaches. They were such a pain. And according to all those old wives tales…all signs were pointing to BOY!


We announced to the whole world that we were expecting a third member of our family on December 11, 2015. Seriously, how funny is our pregnancy announcement? It describes us perfectly…Inappropriate.

A little bumpdate. Three days before this picture was taken on my birthday in Florida, we found out the gender of our little June bug. Greg and I just KNEW it was a boy….

WRONG! It’s a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn’t she look like me? Greg swears up and down she has my facial structure, nose, mouth, everything. I’m so in love with her!

As I approach the end of my 24th week, I can’t help but smile…every single day. Every time she kicks or hiccups, I smile. I just love my baby girl so much.

Soon I’ll be updating y’all on the nursery which is practically finished and might I add it is PERFECT. Until then…here’s another Bumpdate Pic

**PS.- Pink Blush Maternity and Jessica Simpson Maternity has SAVED me! I highly recommend it.


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