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As the weather gets warmer, I find myself searching through my closet hanger after hanger between last Spring and last Summer’s outfit ensembles. I can no longer hide my pregnant body under the baggy sweaters and blue jeans from my winter selection. A few maxi dresses still fit my now swollen pregnant-fied body, but the majority of things do not. I could sulk and cry about all the changes my body is going through and not being able to fit into my favorite BCBG stilettos, but instead I decide to see the brighter side of things…this means SHOPPING. I’ve compiled a list and a few links of my top pregnancy fashion must haves.

  1. Swollen fingers and hands? If you’re in the same boat as me, this means your wedding rings might not be fitting anymore. I never thought the day would come when I would be panicking over the thought of a bare naked finger AND looking 6 months pregnant!!! I told my husband I just HAVE to have a replacement and I REFUSED to go out in public pregnant and ring-less. Momma gets what momma wants of course. Now, don’t think I made the hubs go out and get a brand new ridiculous $20k ring. I’m talking CZ…Cubic Zirconia…just to hold me over until baby girl makes her debut and all the swelling goes down. And since it’s fake, why not go big?!! I suggest checking out eBay or Amazon. CLICK HERE TO GET AN IDEA  And you can’t beat that price!!

2. Swollen feet and toes?  I had no idea that your feet could grow a whole shoe size. Devastating. My poor little size 6 1/2 feet. Oh, not to mention that after pregnancy, apparently they stay that size. This is definitely a good excuse to go shoe shopping. So here I am in DSW strolling every aisle, trying on every shoe, struggling to even bend over to get the damn things on and off. Come to my surprise, I’ve gone up a whole shoe size. Size 7 1/2 you say? Borderline 8 you say? Well damn. I suggest going comfy. A pair of really cute gladiator sandals, some flats, a new pair of running shoes, and for the times when you need to dress up…really comfy wedges…I have to have my heels. And yes, get them all. You won’t regret it. CHECK OUT THESE LACEY WEDGE SANDALS  You get the heel, sandal and comfort!

3. Jeans and shorts I really don’t need to say much about this. Get the elastic waist bands or the ones that go over your belly. Best investment ever. Also, get every color you can. I have pants and shorts in white, dark jean, faded, etc. And mind you, I’ll probably wear them post pregnancy. Seconds at dinner anyone???? CLICK HERE FOR THE JESSICA SIMPSON DENIM I’m always ranting and raving about her maternity collection.

4. Maxi dress galore! Every girl, pregnant or not, needs a few hundred maxi dresses. I will be living in these this spring and summer. You can never have too many. I will sometimes buy maternity maxi dresses, but usually it’s easy to find regular ones that will fit…just go up a size. CHECK OUT THIS LACE OVER MAXI Pinkblush has never disappointed me.

5. Active wear for a fit pregnancy. My doctor advises that I walk or exercise on an almost daily basis. So these maternity active wear pants are everything to me. The most comfortable things ever. Don’t forget to grab a few maternity workout shirts too. CHECK OUT THESE ACTIVE CAPRIS Target has really saved my butt this pregnancy.

6. It never hurts to treat yourself. Grab a few cute sunglasses for those sunny days. Rock that big floppy hat. Splurge on that Kate Spade purse since the only purse you’ll be caring in a few months is a diaper bag. Go get that pedicure


That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more pregnancy rants and raves

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