Must Haves For The Beach When You Have A Little One

So with our upcoming beach vacay to Treasure Island, I thought I would round up and list my absolute must-haves when you're at the beach and have a baby. With this trip being our third or fourth time taking our baby girl to the beach, I've learned along the way the things that have helped me the most and that I probably wouldn't be able to survive without.

1. Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent XL, $99

This deluxe tent is a lifesaver! It comes in different sizes, but go big or go home, right?! It is such an easy and quick set up and it provides protection from the sun, wind and rain. It can easily fit our little, me and my husband. It also comes with a carrying case.

2. Clip On Rechargeable Battery Fan, $20

This portable rechargeable fan easily clips to your stroller and keeps baby cool on hot days. I also plan on clipping it to our beach tent at the beach. 

3. Backpack Diaper Bag, $39.99

There are many different backpack diaper bags out there, so it basically comes down to preference. But I love this Oh Joy! Diaper backpack from Target. It's stylish and it's lightweight. For it's size, it surprisingly holds a lot of baby's essentials, my phone, and wallet! I find it so much easier to carry around a backpack instead of a diaper bag tote. 

4. Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen, $20 for 6oz. bottle

Okay so I admit it, I am a partial crunchy mom. But how could I not care about my baby's skin and the risk of skin cancer? Especially with her ethnicity, she is more prone. This sunscreen's active ingredient is Zinc Oxide. This is VERY VERY important. The sunscreen you see on the shelves at stores are actually SUNBLOCK which absorbs into baby's skin and contains harsh unnatural chemicals! When looking for a sunscreen, make sure it's active ingredient is Zinc Oxide which doesn't absorb into the skin and is safer for baby. You're welcome. 

5. And what's a beach trip without some cute beach wear for your baby?! Don't forget to pack a cute hat to protect baby's face and a rashguard bathing suit is a must!

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