10 Signs You Suffer From Resting Bitch Face

RBF is a condition which stands for Resting Bitch Face. 

Only a few chosen women suffer from this disease and it’s not easy. Many people judge us or are scared to approach us. Others think we are judging them or are mad at them. We have a constant look of disappointment, judgy emotionless eyes and furrowed eyebrows. If you are like me, you suffer from RBF and are tired of hearing comments or people thinking you are a mean heartless bitch. Here are 10 signs you suffer from RBF and things you encounter or hear on a daily basis.

10 Signs You Suffer From Chronic Resting Bitch Face

1. People tell you to smile. You’re unaware of how pissed off you look on a daily basis, because deep down you’re freaking having the best day of your life. Only until some stranger tells you to smile, your whole day is turned upside down. Hey, how about NOT telling me what to do with my face. I AM smiling, you just can’t see it.

2. People think you’re judging them. Okay, so what? I probably am judging you.

3. You are automatically labeled as a bitch. Time and time again throughout my whole life I have heard people tell me, “When I first met you, I thought you were a total bitch! But now that I know you, you’re like, so cool.” Perfect example on how not to judge a book by its cover. But let’s be honest, I can be a bitch.

4. People ask you “What’s wrong?” and “Are you okay”? I can remember from when I was a little girl my best friend on the school bus asking me every morning these very questions. Like, Nicole, I’m fine. Back off. Thanks for the concern though.

5. People think you’re a snob or better than them. I swear I don’t think this. It’s just my face, y’all.

6. You’ve lost “friendships” over RBF. I use the term friendship very loosely. Your close friends and best friends know of this disease you suffer from and 9 times out of 10, they too suffer from it. But I once had a girl say she didn’t want to come to my wedding because the last time she saw me I gave her a “dirty look”. Like, what? Bye Felicia.

7. No one can tell when you’re actually mad. This is a blessing and a curse. Since us RBF sufferers always look angry, it’s like no one cares when we’re actually angry. We have to verbally voice when we’re angry since our RBF is the same as our angry face.

8. You have to force a fake smile. And it’s tiring. My cheeks hurt. The struggle.

9. You are unapproachable. It’s like people have to walk on eggshells around me in fear of what I’ll do or say. Honestly y’all, I’m a nice person. A judgy opinionated nice person. But a nice person, nonetheless.

10. You make a joke and no one can tell if you’re actually joking or serious. Is she being sarcastic? Was that a real joke? Should we laugh? She really does have a sense of humor!

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